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About us

FuJutec Technology Co., LTD had been established since year of 2004 in china. We are specialized in fuse, resistance and authorized distributor for semiconductor and other product and technology that is connected with import and export for the private sector.

Our main product line is PPTC(resettable fuse) 、NTC、Varistory、Capacitors、Inductance and Eupec/Infineon high power semiconductor from Germany, The self-regulating heating belt from China.

"Reliable, professional, enthusiasm"is our concept of doing business, to provide the top-grade of excellent quality, reasonable price" is our goal. We sincerely hope that we can cooperate with the partner at home and abroad.


Fujutec technology limited company by the general meeting of shareholders, the board of supervisors, strategy committee, board of directors, general manager, financial center, marketing center, customer service center, supply center, administrative center.



Able people get promoted, ordinary people continue to be ordinary and unable people get fired

The Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. establishes a scientific performance examination and evaluation system, that is, "Able people get promoted, ordinary people continue to be ordinary and unable people get fired."For all the sections from recruitment, selection, training to assessment and promotion, the Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. always stresses the concept that "Place the personnel's position in accordance with their abilities and make them posses both ability and moral integrity", and it simulates the initiative of the employees through reasonable flow of talent and benign competitive mechanism, so as to make the internal company be full of vigorous and thriving vitality.

Career Stage "Without Ceiling"

As the saying goes that "The ability of the personnel corresponds to their positions", the company provides the corresponding career development space according to the abilities of each employee, and makes all of its employees grow with the rapidly growing company on the career stage "without ceiling". "Make the youngsters in charge of one respect of work and make the talented stand out from the crowd." The talented personnel can always find their own stage to show their abilities in the Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd.

Obtaining Opportunities Fairly

The Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. tries hard to build a platform where all the employees can obtain the opportunities fairly, and it makes the resources match with the talent of each employee. The company operates the obtaining of the opportunities as an interactive (make everyone take the initiative to participate in and actively recommend themselves), open (make everyone known) and fair (treat all the employees alike) process. The employees should treasure their opportunities when they get them. The opportunities do not represent success. Everyone must recognize that they can achieve success only with their own abilities, efforts and diligence. Once you get an opportunity, it is possible to achieve success only when you have made preparations in normal times.

Team Spirit + Sense of Responsibility + Learning Ability + Passion at Work

(1) Team Spirit

The Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. stresses the team spirit. It requires that every employee should take their common goal as the starting point and ending point of actions and unite together with faith and dedication on the basis of the post responsibility. The employees should stress unity and strive for joint efforts, be cooperative and strive for efficiency, respect each other, help each other and trust each other. The Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. creates good working atmosphere, and makes each employee release their own potentialities in the passionate teamwork as well as exert and create higher self worth.

(2) Sense of Responsibility

The Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. requires that each employee should be responsible for themselves, for their work, for the company, for users and finish their own work with high efficiency and high quality. The employees should have the courage to actively undertake the responsibility without concealing, buck passing and complaining when facing the mistakes and errors.

(3) Learning Ability

In an age with rapid reform, the real lasting advantages of an enterprise lie in that it has faster and stronger learning ability than its competitors, while the learning ability of the enterprise lies in the learning ability of each employee. Therefore, the Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. requires that each employee should combine the working practices, continuously learn, continuously study their profession, find problems in their learning and learn to dependently resolve problems, as well as grow into experts in the professional posts.

(4) Passion at Work

Passion at work is a kind of ardent mood, a kind of positive attitude, especially a kind of noble and precious spirit, and the enthusiasm, persistence and fondness for work. Passion at work is a kind of power, and it can make people have abilities to resolve the most difficult problems for understanding; it is a kind of driving force, pushing people forward continuously. The Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. requires that all the employees should devote themselves to work with full mental state and passion at work.

About us

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Talent Concept:

Build your life together in the rich dream of, to achieve the dream of your life!

Human resources information needs:

Company is in a period of rapid development and scale expansion, the demand for increasingly high-quality surge. The company can not develop without the support personnel, we are convinced that talent is the future of rich poly, poly-rich companies will also become fertile ground for the growth of outstanding talents.








In order to truly realize the aim of "Honesty, Professionalism and Enthusiasm", thus improving the position in the industry and the brand awareness of users for the products of Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd., the company has introduced the service concept of providing the added values since the beginning, extending the service connotation to a series of sections of the design, producing, marketing and after-sale service of the products. Taking the users as the core, the Nanjing Fujutec Technology Co., Ltd. strengthens all the service work and fully implements the "User Satisfaction Project", so as to conscientiously provide the best service for all of its users! The company tries to foster a good enterprise image in users, so as to obtain the fondness of users, enlarge the market at home and abroad and increase the competitive strength of the company.

1. Establish and perfect the quality assurance system of the enterprise, strengthen the quality management, so as to guarantee that the products provided meet the industrial standards of the country or the technical conditions specified in the contract.

2. The products provided for the major project will be guaranteed to deliver in accordance with the requirements specified in the contract; if the technical service is required, the company will designate professional personnel to participate in the unpacking acceptance work and direct the installation and commissioning, until the equipment operates normally.

3. The company ensures to provide good before-, mid- and after-sale services for users. In addition, it will provide the relevant samples, materials and DEMO for users before they make an order, and provide the design for reference for free.

4. The company can carry out the technical training and improve the performance of the products in accordance with the demands of users, so as to continuously improve the quality of the products.

5. The company will replace their products which have quality problems after confirmation and make compensation to the customers accordingly.

6. The maintenance personnel will reach the site within 4 hours for local users of this city and within 24 hours for users in other places, so as to guarantee that the problems will be resolved at the fastest speed.

7. The company can provide the on-line technical support for 24 hours and provide the value added service.

8. The company can provide samples and DEMO for free.

9. The company can provide assistance in selecting the products for free, and provide the design and solutions for reference.










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